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The company held 2010 annual summary and commendation of model workers congress on Jan. 14th, 2011.
All cadres staff in Nanyang headquarter participated in this meeting, in which the general manager summarized the achievements made in 2010, including the rise of both sales revenue and market share at home and abroad, the enhancement of technical capability and corporate management. Meanwhile, he also pointed out some deficiencies that need to be improved. He put forward the 12th five-year plan, containing presenting a new look of the factory appearance, moving headquarter to Zhengzhou in 3 to 5 years, developing overseas market vigorously, finally, building a strong “Jin Ma” brand.
Item 2 was to commend 14 model workers, such as Qiu Taiguang, Lu Haixia, Liu Changsheng. The manager called on staff to learn from them.